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I'm a bit of a Zillow junky, and love to look at home sales. Lately I've looked a lot at Jackson, Mississippi (esp. South Jackson, an old, middle-class white neighborhood that went black - a neighborhood with aggressive white history in keeping blacks out) and in Clarksdale, Miss. There used to be lots of houses for sale in Clarksdale, cheap houses, but not very many now. In Jackson, so many junky homes have sold/are selling for $20K or so, being gutted by investors, and turned over. I'd click on some homes selling for $400K +, only to discover it was a block of 7 or 8 homes, all selling together at that one price. In our rural NC county, development has ticked up significantly in recent months; folks are leaving urban areas and buying plots here to build. I think real estate is a bit insane right now.

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